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Baby’s First Portraits – Maui, Hawai’i



Julie & Michael | Pre-Wedding Session

Engagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement Photography

Varon & Grace – Anniversary Portraits

Engagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement Photography

South Maui – Ohana Photo Session

Some of my fondest memories involve traveling with my family. There is something about leaving home together to explore a new landscape, a new culture and a new environment that really brings everyone together. It happens in those simple moments; watching a sunset, walking down the beach, sharing a laugh, seeing a whale breach or a turtle pop it’s head up for a breath. Family trips are also a great time to add professional photographs to the family album – especially here in Hawaii with the abundance of natural beauty and gorgeous locations – Not to mention the fresh tans and relaxed vibes the island bestows on it’s visitors 🙂

Each family session is unique. Scheduled at a beautiful Maui beach or nature location, we create a collection of photographs that include group photos, individual portraits, couples portraits and candid shots. By creating a relaxed and fun environment, we aim to capture the true personality of each family group and the individuals who make up the ohana (family). We adore each and every family we meet, and feel so honored to be able to step into their lives, their vacation and be able to create a truly special collection of images that will be cherished forever.

Below is a selection of photos from a recent family portrait session on the south shore of Maui. It was a beautiful afternoon and sunset at Po’olenalena Beach Park (one of our favorite locations). Lots of laughter and smiles throughout the session – Wonderful memories for a wonderful family 🙂
Family poses for a portrait at sunset in Wailea, Hawaii.Natural light beach portrait and candid moment of a young woman in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.Sunset beach portrait in the surf at Po'olenalena beach in Wailea, Hawaii. (left) Family portrait under the keawe trees beachside on Maui. (right)Sibling portrait on Maui's beautiful south side with views of the West Maui mountains, palm trees and the ocean.Teenage girl splashing water during a candid moment on Maui's Po'olenalena beach. (left) Father & daughter pose for a laughter filled portrait during their Maui vacation. (right)Father of three children poses for an individual portrait surrounded by Maui's beachside greenery in Wailea, Hawaii. (left) Golden light portrait of mother and son at Po'olenalena beach on Maui.Young adult portrait showcasing South Maui's beautiful scenic view's of Halemahina, ocean and palm trees.Fun, candid family portrait celebrating the youngest daughter's Bat Mitzvah while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii (left). Individual formal portrait of teenage girl with red hibiscus in her hair sitting on beachside grasses (right).Jumping family silhouetted against Maui's beautiful Wailea sunsets.

Maui Maternity Photography: Nidhi and Sumeet

A beautiful sunset session with these parents-to-be. Nidhi and Sumeet flew to Maui, from California, for vacation before their first child is born – Some call it a “babymoon” trip. They emailed us a few weeks in advance and asked if we would do their maternity photos on the beach. Of course, we were honored and said YES!

On the day of, we met these wonderful couple at Po’olenalena Beach Park on the south shore of Maui. We enjoyed an hour walking around the gorgeous park creating photographs in the trees, by the lava rocks and finally in front of the beautiful setting sun. They both brought a change of clothes and quickly swapped out their outfits right before sunset to add a little visual variety – We loved the idea!

Nidhi was glowing, gorgeous – And I tell that Sumeet was proud and excited to be a father. We had a wonderful time together and are so excited with the final photographs. Here are just a few of our favorite images from our photo shoot. Enjoy, and Aloha.

Babymoon Session on the beach in Maui

Maui Maternity Photography on the beach

Birds of Paradise: The Maui Wedding of Shannon and Robert

These two are just about the sweetest couple you could ever meet! We first photographed them at our pre-wedding photo session on Maui’s youngest lava flow (La Perouse); It was a beautiful spring day with wildflowers blooming out of the black lava rock and butterflies buzzing about. The sunset was vibrant and colorful, and small surf made it possible to enter the water and capture an absolutely gorgeous portrait with a sky-meets-sea backdrop.

A couple days later we photographed their wedding at Wailea’s Marriott Beach Resort. It was a perfect day for a beach wedding and the resort property provided us with stunning settings for portraiture, details and getting ready photographs. Their theme was “Birds of Paradise” (Shannon’s favorite flower), all the floral arrangements were created by Maui’s top florist, Dellables. The entire day was magic… full of beauty and love – A special day for a special couple. Congratulations to Shannon and Robert!

Maui_Wedding_Photography_002 Maui_Wedding_Photography_001 Maui_Wedding_Photography_003Maui_Wedding_Photography_006Maui_Wedding_Photography_007 Maui_Wedding_Photography_004 Maui_Wedding_Photography_008 wedding-day_shannon-robert_135 Maui_Wedding_Photography_011 Maui_Wedding_Photography_005 Maui_Wedding_Photography_010 Maui_Wedding_Photography_012 Maui_Wedding_Photography_013 Maui_Wedding_Photography_016Maui_Wedding_Photography_014

Maui Wedding Photography

(The Keepsake Box: Includes (100) Photographer Select Prints, A Flash Drive containing High Resolution Files and a Custom Designed Wooden Engraved Box.)

Splash! – eSession with Winnie and Justin

Maui Creative Photography

Type: Engagement Photography Session
Location: Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Photograph: Matthew Laine Nall, Maui Creative Photography


Sneak Peek: The Wedding of James and Carolina – Merriman’s Maui Hawaii


eSession: Carolina + James

Carolina and James 3 - Maui Engagement Photography

Engaged on Maui – Andrea + Adam

Andrea and Adam got engaged just two days before this session; They were riding bicycles down Maui’s largest mountain, Haleakala, when Adam popped the question and Andrea said, “Yes!”. It was a last minute booking, and we were so excited to have the opportunity to create a collection of images celebrating their new engagement. We met these two at a secret beach along the Makena shoreline and enjoyed an incredible Maui sunset. The photos came out gorgeous and we just had to share a preview 🙂 Congratulations to Andrea and Adam!

Engagement Session by Maui Creative Photography in Makena, Hawaii

Engagement Session by Maui Creative Photography in Makena, Hawaii Engagement Session by Maui Creative Photography in Makena, Hawaii

Session: Engagement Photos
Location: Makena, Maui, Hawaii
Photos: Maui Creative Photography

Secret Proposal on Maui’s Southern Shore

Goodness, we love our job! Especially when it involves playing incognito and hiding our cameras in order to photograph a surprise proposal. Congratulations to Denny and Nancy on your engagement! Thank you for inviting us to document such a special moment in your lives. Here are a few of our favorites the proposal moment, and mini-session to follow. Enjoy 🙂

Maui Proposal PhotographyMaui Proposal Photography Maui Proposal PhotographyMaui Proposal Photography Type: Proposal & Mini-Session
Location: Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
Photos: Maui Creative Photography

Wailea Family Sunset

Life is good when you and your family are hanging out on a beach in Maui!  Last week, the Xie Family invited us (and our cameras) along to capture some special moments and memories of their third trip to Hawaii.  We had so much fun!  Here are several photographs from this one-hour family portrait session in Wailea…

Portraits_Maui_Creative_Photography_01 Portraits_Maui_Creative_Photography_02 Portraits_Maui_Creative_Photography_03 Portraits_Maui_Creative_Photography_04 Portraits_Maui_Creative_Photography_05

Mahalo Xie Family!  We look forward to your next trip to da island 🙂

Session: Family Portrait Session
Location: Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
Photography: Maui Creative Photography (Matthew Nall & Madelynne Nehl)

A Maui eSession with Natalie & David

We met up with Natalie and David a few days before their Maui wedding to talk story, make photographs and watch a beautiful sunset.  The couple looked amazing dressed in all white against the black lava rock landscape and shoreline.  Natalie also brought along a white parasol, a wedding gift from her family in Thailand that we used in a few of her portraits.

We’re so happy to have met this wonderful couple and thrilled to be photographing their wedding day tomorrow.  We look forward to all the memories and photographs to come!  For now, here are a few of our favorite shots from the beach side engagement session with our (soon-to-be) bride and groom.  Aloha and Congratulations to Natalie & David.

Engagement Session by Maui Creative PhotographyEngagement Session by Maui Creative PhotographyEngagement Session by Maui Creative PhotographyEngagement Session by Maui Creative Photography

Location: Wailea-Makena, Maui
Session: Engagement Photography, eSession
Photography by: Matthew Nall & Madelynne Nehl,  Maui Creative Photography

A West Maui Family Portrait Session

A couple weeks back, we met up with Brett, Megan and Coop on Maui’s westside for a fun family portrait session. We had a great time with young Mr. Coop, who seemed to have developed a bit of a crush on his photographer, Madelynne 🙂 (He kept giving her “the eye” and smiling shyly). We started our session in a nearby grassy field, then moved down to the black lava shoreline for a spectacular sunset. The final photographs are a combination of candid moments and portraits of this wonderful family from California. Here are a few of the images from our time together….

Morhman Family Portraits by Maui Creative Photography Morhman Family Portraits by Maui Creative Photography Morhman Family Portraits by Maui Creative Photography Morhman Family Portraits by Maui Creative Photography
Mahalo to Brett, Megan and Coop! It was a pleasure to meet you and we look forward to the next time you visit Maui! Aloha.

Photography: Family Portrait Session
Photographers: Matthew Nall & Madelynne Nehl
Location: Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

“Generations” – A Wailea Family Portrait Session

We met this family from Oahu on a Friday morning at one of Maui’s beautiful beaches.  Rain and high winds had been threatening to dampen the day but when the sun finally arose that morning we were greeted with gorgeous weather.  The whole family arrived dressed in blues and Grandma and Grandpa were even there!  Three generations together for a morning portrait session in Wailea… this was going to be fun!

Bill & Erika

AndersonAnderson was the perfect gentleman.  He showed up looking sharp and ready for his portraits with a big smile.  The closer we got to the water however, the more the real kid inside of him came out; he LOVES the water.  It wasn’t long before he was completely drenched, rolling around in the surf and loving life.  When it was time to leave he’d “fall” into the sand so he could have another opportunity to jump in and rinse the sand off.  All he kept asking was when they were coming back to the beach so he could play more.

JillianJillian was an absolute cuttie.  More reserved then her older brother about getting portraits taken, she made us work hard for our shots.  And like any truly fashionable lady she even had an outfit change during the shoot, from her powder blue dress back to her signature color, pink.  She too was another water child, following her brother fearlessly into the surf to play.

Fred & Raynette

The Boys

Full of life and love, this family was an absolute joy to meet and photograph.  Thank you Erika, Bill, Fred, Raynette, Anderson and Jillian!

Mr. and Mrs. – The Wedding of Stephanie and Andrew

It is a beautiful day at the historic Olowalu Plantation House.  Our bride and groom are getting ready.  The flowers and leis are arriving and the tables are being set.  Family and friends are gathering from California all the way to New York, and there is the sound of waves gently lapping up on the shore.  A stillness is in the air as everyone prepares for the ceremony.  This is the wedding day of Stephanie and Andrew…

From their first email, we could tell that Stephanie and Andrew were a fun loving couple.  They joked with us from the very start and shared stories like we were old friends.

The officiant was incredible and heartfelt as he sounded the conch, recited Hawaiian chants and involved the entire family in the beautiful union of Stephanie and Andrew.  The entire ceremony took place just fifty feet from the sea shore while palm trees and a bright blue sky stood as the backdrop.

A spectacular sunset as seen from the shores of the Olowalu Plantation House, November 3rd, 2012.  Stephanie and Andrew basked in their first moments as husband and wife.

The evening was extraordinary; Great food and speeches accompanied by dancing.  Sparklers came out and the newly joined families celebrated under the giant trees and infinite starry sky.

Congratulations to Stephanie and Andrew, and also to your wonderful families, thank you for having us as your photographers!

A special thanks to:
Coordinator:  Cherise from The Perfect Wedding Maui;  the day flowed beautifully!
Flowers:  Trish from Dellables Maui ; floral works of art!
Venue:  Maui’s Historic Olowalu Plantation House; an incredible ocean front venue!

Much Aloha,
Matthew and Madelynne

‘Ohana – An Oahu Family Portrait Session

We met Bridget, Matt and Dylan at Big Beach Makena (Maui, Hawaii) very early on a Sunday.   The sea and sky were both calm after days of rain and the earth had a sweet smell as it dried in the morning sun. Everything was just right for our portrait session; the beach was empty, the light was beautiful and everyone was excited for the shoot.  Well, maybe not everyone.  Young Dylan walked slowly and cautiously behind the rest of us.  He didn’t much care for our attempts to cheer him up nor for any attempt of taking his photograph.  After a trying a couple different angles, nothing seemed to work.  So, I decided to let him have a go at the camera.  Focusing on mom and dad, I guided his little finger to the shutter release and “click” went the camera.  He loved it.  Looking at the LCD screen on the back of the camera he saw his first photograph and pointed to the subject, “Mommy”.

The boys arrived at the beach in matching green polos and khaki shorts which, by any measure, is extremely adorable.  Mom was radiant and carried a baby girl in her belly who will join us in just 10 weeks.  She cracked jokes and reminded us (several times) that she is very ready “for this thing to get out of me!”.  It was a fun time together and we captured some truly beautiful moments with our cameras.  Here are a few of our favorites from that morning. Enjoy, and if you feel so inclined we’d love to read your comments below.  Aloha.

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Mahalo Nui Loa,
Matthew and Madelynne of Maui Creative Photography