Wedding and Portrait Photography by Maui Creative Photography

Maui Family Portraits | Introduction to the Islands

This was the Wong family’s first trip out to the Hawaiian Islands. For our session together we took them to one of our favorite locations on the West Side of Maui.  This area, known for its beautiful reef, also was a hub for the sugar industry during the 19th century.  The location has remnants of the old cane processing plant and a small pier that juts out into the crystal clear waters.  It was here that we spent our session getting to know this wonderful family.  Their son Evan was especially fascinated with the assortment of black lava and white coral rocks that covers the beach; that was, until Madelynne introduced him to the wonders of digital photography 🙂  Helping him hold the camera, he was able to take his first portraits of each member of his family (at bottom of post).

Maui-Creative-Photography_Family-Portrait-Session-01 Maui-Creative-Photography_Family-Portrait-Session-02 Maui-Creative-Photography_Family-Portrait-Session-03 Maui-Creative-Photography_Family-Portrait-Session-04Maui-Creative-Photography_Evans-First-Portraits-01

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Wong family!  We hope you all loved your time on the islands.

Session:  One Hour Family Portrait Session

Location:  Olowalu, Maui

Photography:  Maui Creative Photography


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