Wedding and Portrait Photography by Maui Creative Photography

“Generations” – A Wailea Family Portrait Session

We met this family from Oahu on a Friday morning at one of Maui’s beautiful beaches.  Rain and high winds had been threatening to dampen the day but when the sun finally arose that morning we were greeted with gorgeous weather.  The whole family arrived dressed in blues and Grandma and Grandpa were even there!  Three generations together for a morning portrait session in Wailea… this was going to be fun!

Bill & Erika

AndersonAnderson was the perfect gentleman.  He showed up looking sharp and ready for his portraits with a big smile.  The closer we got to the water however, the more the real kid inside of him came out; he LOVES the water.  It wasn’t long before he was completely drenched, rolling around in the surf and loving life.  When it was time to leave he’d “fall” into the sand so he could have another opportunity to jump in and rinse the sand off.  All he kept asking was when they were coming back to the beach so he could play more.

JillianJillian was an absolute cuttie.  More reserved then her older brother about getting portraits taken, she made us work hard for our shots.  And like any truly fashionable lady she even had an outfit change during the shoot, from her powder blue dress back to her signature color, pink.  She too was another water child, following her brother fearlessly into the surf to play.

Fred & Raynette

The Boys

Full of life and love, this family was an absolute joy to meet and photograph.  Thank you Erika, Bill, Fred, Raynette, Anderson and Jillian!


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